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Sand Lake Garden Club
Learn and provide education about gardening, houseplants, and conservation.



The history of the Sand Lake Garden Club started in September of 1994 when Linda Hastings organized the first meeting to see if there was any interest in a Garden Club for Sand Lake. We had a very good turnout.

A Charter committee was put together to write the Constitution and By-Laws. The members of the Charter Committee were Rosemary Supkis, Bill Glasser, Barbara Martinage, Cathy Welling and Dawn Goodness.

On January 25, 1995 the Club voted on the Constitution and By-Laws and elected the first Board.  The first Board was Bill Glasser (President), Phyllis Scheeren (Vice-President), Pat Mulligan (Secretary), Chris Perry (Treasurer), Lizette Strait, Cathy Welling, T.C. Glasser, Edward Quinlin, and Charles Kavanaugh.

 Our first program was on Herbs and presented by Jill Tryon. Our first Plant sale was May 13, 1995 with Lizette Strait heading up the committee. We made about $1,200 that year. Our first field trip was to Naumkeag in Stockbridge, MA. Our first tree that we did for the Festival of Trees was in 1995 and was called “Holiday Buzzzz”. Our first scholarship was awarded in 1996 for $200 and the recipient was Shane Cahill who went to Union College.

We have held a Plant Sale every year from the beginning and has always been a great success. The first Plant sales were in the parking lot of Millers Market, we outgrew that location and then moved it to Hoffay Farms. We now hold the Plant Sale at the Salem United Methodist Church. We continue to award a monetary scholarship to a graduating high school senior each year.


A list of the past Presidents and Vice-Presidents

1995 - 1997 Bill Glasser (President), Phyllis Scheeren (Vice President)

1998 - 1999 Lizette Strait (President)

2000          Pat Mulligan (President), Lizette Strait (Vice President)

2001          Helen Dolan (President), Lizette Strait (Vice President)

2002          Helen Dolan (President), Marty Dwyer (Vice President)

2003          Leo Fissette (President), Pat Mulligan (Vice President)

2004          Pat Mulligan (President), Phyllis Scheeren (Vice-President)

2005          Phyllis Scheeren (President), Harry Peachey (Vice President)

2006 - 2007  Harry Peachey (President), Helen Dolan (Vice President)

2008          Helen Dolan (President), Warren Weiss (Vice President)

2009 - 2010  Pat Mulligan (President), Joan Gross (Vice-President)

2011            Lizette Strait (President)

2012 - 2013  Connie Gatt (President), Jan Reinhart (Vice-President)

2014            Connie Gatt (President), Lizette Strait (Vice-President)

2015 - 2017   Pat Mulligan (President), Joan Gross (Vice-President)

2018 - 2019  Mary Lee Kopache (President), Connie Gatt (Vice-President)

2020         Janice Berryann (President), Becky Bell (Vice-President)

2021         Janice Berryann (President), Kim Tucci (Vice-President)