Sand Lake Garden Club

President:  Janice Berryann                                                    
Vice President: Becky Bell
Treasurer: Mary Hall
Directors: Rose Dore, Judy Kasianczuk,
               Obadiah Savage, Eileen VanOort,
               Andy Mace, & Cathy Welling







  Welcome To The New Year 2020

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A message from our president:


Dear Fellow Club members,

  You folks are awesome!  We Board officers thank all who donated to the Diane Hale Scholarship; we collected $850.  Todays Plant sale was the culmination of many hands growing plants from seeds.  Cathy Welling and her team worked very hard to put the sale together in a safe way.  Thank you for your diligence.  As a result, we netted $1,020.00.  Leftover plants were sent to Capital Roots.


I am so proud of how this club has come together during these most difficult times of COVID-19.  Hopefully, we all can get together at our annual summer picnic in July.  Stay tuned for details.  Pat Mulligan will be sending out information on clean-up and maintenance of our community gardens soon.  Until then, stay safe and keep on gardening.



Janice Berryann, President




A message from Rose and Hollis of the trips committee:
The Sand Lake Garden has concluded that it is prudent, because of present Coronavirus conditions, to cancel our plans for visiting Innesfree Gardens this May 27.  Since Innesfree Gardens is still temporarily closed to follow the proper protocal, this wonderful trip can be more easily enjoyed next spring and will stay in our plans. 

We can shift our travel focus to the our next planned trip to Wiawaka on July 14 when socializing conditions have hopefully eased.

Beyond that, we have three other choices for a trip this Sep-Oct that include the Mountain Top Arboretum in Tannersville, Brittany Hollow Farm in Rhinebeck, or Montgomery Place Historical Estate & Gardens in Annadale on the Hudson.

For now, stay well and enjoy our local spring weather.

Rose & Hollis



REMINDER: Dues are due.  Please come prepared to pay Mary Hall, Treasurer that a meeting. 





Finger-tip Gardening, Smart phone apps.

See this article in Homestead magazine.


Come and join us.



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